About Us

BMCI Construction Inc. is a family oriented business. In 2008, Mark Foyse became owner of the company. Bruce Muckerheide did not leave BMCI Construction when Mark took over ownership. Today Bruce holds the position of Vice President of BMCI Construction, and oversees the company from this position.


BMCI Construction Inc. was originally founded in 1969 by Bruce Muckerheide as Bruce Muckerheide Construction Inc. a concrete and masonry company. Bruce worked alone doing residential work until he hired his first laborer in 1971. In 1973, Bruce hired and trained his first mason to help him meet the increasing demands for his services, which allowed BMCI Construction Inc. to grow. In 1990, Bruce increased his services to include pouring concrete walls. In 1996, excavation and sewer work were added to the list of increasing services BMCI Construction now offers.

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BMCI Construction, Inc